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    Wi-Max is an emerging technology that expands on many of the limitations of Wi-Fi. It is also a high speed wireless data technology, but allows for a much greater range of use. Expected range will be about 2 miles. Like with Wi-Fi, the levels of mobility are as follows:
  • Fixed - such as a desktop computer communicating with the wireless access point. Both locations are in a fixed position.
  • Portable - The access point is fixed, but the wireless device is able to move around in a close area, always communicating with the same access point.
  • Nomadic - The wireless device can connect to different access points, and then be used as either fixed or portable. The connection is lost when moving out of range of the access point, and the user must manually reconnect to a new access point.
  • Mobile - Similar to nomadic, except the device will automatically connect to the access point with the strongest signal. The system is capable of the handoff in the same way a cellular phone will access different towers as the user moves.

    Current technology enables nomadic use, with fixed and portable being implied, and emerging technologies will add the capability for mobile use. As Wi-Max networks launch nationwide, we will be carrying the equipment for connecting, as well as antennas and amplifiers to enhance your signal strength.

    Stay tuned for the products that are coming soon!



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